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ImagiPass safely creates, recalls and enters passwords. You will use ImagiPass to encrypt
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17 November 2007

ImagiPass 1.0 review

    ImagiPass, the efficient tool that will manage and create safe password in a unique way.
    This handy and reliable tool has its own way to take care of all your important codes and passwords. The tool never attempts to store your passwords; the foolproof picture mnemonics you remember are recomputed with the original passwords from the custom combination of pictures used to create the passwords by this tool. The tool can also automatically create, recall and enter the passwords for you. This hacker and cracker-proof tool can be used to; encrypt documents, log into email accounts, Forum or Web sites, or enter passwords in software or Web forms. The simple interface of the tool only needs you to remember custom combinations of pictures which allow you to keep the most vital passwords in safely.
    This must have tool with its intuitive interface allows you to; effortlessly create, recall, enter, long and secured passwords.

Publisher's description

Most of us have important passwords that we would never want to forget, or outsiders to know. Just imagine what could happen if anybody gained access to confidential documents of your company. Or if they got hold of the password to your highly private email box. Or if the password to your bank account fell into the hands of hackers. You obviously want to make sure that such a misadventure never happens to you. Crucial passwords need to be stored and managed in a maximally secure way.
First, you must realize that your passwords are never really safe if they are stored on a hard disk or some other physical device, or worse, on any scrap of paper. If you can retrieve passwords from your PC, other people might retrieve them too. Now you might decide to store your passwords safely in your head. There is just one big snag to that method. If your passwords are too long or too complex, you might find it difficult to memorize and recall them. If your passwords are too simple, ordinary people might easily guess them right, or hackers crack them within seconds. And there is one last hurdle you have to clear. Even if you can remember long secure passwords, you might very well mistype them when you enter them manually.
This is where ImagiPass comes in.
ImagiPass is hacker and cracker-proof. How can this be? Simply because ImagiPass will never actually store your passwords at all! You will store foolproof picture mnemonics in your own head! ImagiPass will only recompute the original passwords from the custom combination of pictures that you used to create the passwords in the first place. And to cap it all, ImagiPass will also automatically enter the passwords for you, —typo-free passwords, of course!
So with the help of ImagiPass, you will effortlessly create, recall and enter long and secure passwords. You will only have to remember custom combinations of pictures.

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